Tony Premiere League was established on 5th January 2017 on intent to promote a sport passion to create an athlete. Tony Premier League founded by Naren Moriani AKA Tony and Co founded by Danish Hingora, Director of RR Builder AKA Dan. The predefined combination of sports and celebrity for creating an awareness of the value of sports for the physical fitness is crucial element of our organization. TPL is designed for all those passionate and enthusiastic individuals who are next to insane about sport. This unique format of Tony Premier League is a green card for high profile corporate, celebrities and HNI’s.

This is a recreational event which is creating a pool of opportunity to network, socialize and enjoy the game all under one roof. Also with extended opportunities for companies to participate and connect with people and organizations for a period of 2 months! Sports can always tell us a lot about ourselves as an individual and as a society. TPL is coming up with INDIA’s most favorite games to give you the astonishing experience.

“Let make Bandra fit” is not only our slogan but our initiative to make our athlete prepare for their upcoming future. Our effort is not only within the Bandra but beyond the Bandra. We always want to make sure that every individual recite in our nation to stay fit and fine. This effort will strengthen among the people who loves athlete and make assurance that they remain healthy and wealthy.

TPL gives Individuals and groups from diverse scopes of business to come together and interact with each other on a common platform of sport. It provides scope for the sports lover who loves outdoor physical game and educates them regarding the importance of staying healthy and fit through a sporting environment.


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